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Shringar House of Mangalsutra

It started way back in 1963 when with a bagful of dreams and an extraordinary craft, Mr. Natwarlal K Thadeshwar, popularly known as 'Natubhai', travelled to Mumbai, like a million others, looking to make a name for himself.

Come 2013, “Shringar” is celebrating 50 glorious years of enhancing the bond of marriage of thousands of couples through a special jewel which holds an emotional value in every Indian’s heart.

A ‘Mangalsutra’ enhances the aesthetic bond of marriage. The excellent skill and admirable fine art showcased in Shringar’s work, they earned for itself a title “The House of Mangalsutra” in the mangalsutra industry. The mangalsutras are symbolic not only of the institution of the traditional Hindu marriage, but the sanctity of an eternal bond. It is the one that lasts seven lifetimes after being consecrated in a sacred fire and immortalised by ancient shlokas.

'Natubhai', was from 'Vichhiya' a small town in Gujarat, from a community renowned for its skill at the art of crafting exquisite gold jewellery, the 'Sonis'. With time and great talent his workshop gained renown and a loyal clientele, eventually evolving into what it is today, a thriving business with international acclaim - 'Shringar'.

A couple of decades later, in 1981, Natwarlal‘s son, Chetan Thadeshwar joined the business. He decided that Shringar would specialize in the art of Mangalsutra Design. He conducted extensive research and studied the history and origins of this sacred ornament to come up with the best forms possible. And soon from the traditional, simple rnangalsutra came hundreds of new designs, each unique, each an amalgam of the old and the new. In 2001, in yet another insightful shift, the business evolved from being a manufacturer to a wholesaler, exclusively selling mangalsutras.

Shringar had become a name to reckon with all across the country. By the start of the new millennium in 2010 came the next generation, Viraj Thadeshwar son of Chetan Thadeshwar, expanded their horizons even further and conquered foreign lands. Enquiries had already started flowing in from USA, UK, Dubai, New Zealand, Australia, SL, Fiji.

In 2003, with some apprehensions, but always ready to experiment, Shringar participated in IIJS a landmark event in the jewellery industry. And not unexpectedly received an overwhelming response from the visitors.

And yet, this is only the beginning, Shringar has already made its mark in the mangalsutra industry, with much more to follow.

Wishing “Shringar” and it’s 50 successful years of making the bond of marriage special a very happy and even more successful future!